In Navelli's middle ages


Navelli , like a mantle made of houses that covers the hill, it is unexpected for those who follow the old cattle track, today the road SS17 .

Flocks and armies have passed through this plain over the centuries , hundreds of sheep brought to the winter pastures on the coast , leaving behind the freezing of Campo Imperatore , and legendary soldiers of fortune to conquer castles and cities .

This village of ancient vestina origin, has its roots in the history of L'Aquila in Abruzzo contributing to the foundation of L'Aquila.

Intriguing are the stories , perhaps legends, that tell of crusade ships , lakes and beaches : a ship is part of the municipal coat of arms, it is engraved on a stone in many different places of the town.  Certainly is not a legend the cultivation of the bulb that made Navelli famous all over the world : the saffron crocus . The first bulbs brought , it is told, by a Benedictine monk in the fourteenth century gave rise to the successful production of this precious spice expensive as gold , and that , the experts say, here he found the right climate and soil to make the best saffron in the world.

I have traveled the State Road 17 perhaps hundreds of times and each time I have admired this cascade of beautiful houses in every season , so nice to feel satisfied my curiosity as a photographer only seeing from the outside.

Archi e gradinate

Then, one day , I decided to enter ... and it was love at first sight: a well-preserved medieval town for the pride, I think, of the few people that populate it.

Stairways , arches , doors, alleys , details, spontaneous architecture will be the subjects of the day. We will discuss about perspective , falling lines , composition. As always recommend the use of a tripod, the main optical will be the wide-angle and also the telephoto lenses which will help us in the search of compositions and particular perspectives .

Navelli panorama

When back to the base, in the early afternoon, we will have an extra –time of a critical reading of the shots made with the help of PC and video projector .

Photo Gallery


The schedule will be adapted to the weather conditions.



- Morning and afternoon sessions of shots in all the area affected by the Tour/WS in a pre-selected range of the most interesting places for this time of year

- On location instructions and discussions on composition and technique

- Criticism and discussion of photos taken during the Tour/WS

- Lectures on composition, scene selection, technique, post-processing, etc.

- Knowledge and use of your own camera

- Optimization of the shooting parameters management

- Interpretation of the landscape

- Framing research

- Composition and light management



2 x Photographers

1 x ws Manager (he will assist participants and photographers in any demands)

In case of 5 participants the WS Manager will drive the minibus during the shooting.

In case of more partecipants the photographers will drive the additional minibuses or car (depending on the number of people).



There are no specific expectations for the skill level of the participants. You will likely have been interested in photography for some years and have acquired a digital SLR and a few lenses. However less experienced photographers are equally welcome. The teachers will adapt the Tour/WS at the level of each participant.

We welcome photographers with any type of camera.


On location conditions

We will send you info 1 week before the Tour/WS


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