Landscapes of the National Park of Abruzzo

Valle del Sagittario, Castrovalva

This is one of the most beautiful tours in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise ( PNALM ) mountains that will route on provincial and state roads . The idea is to move from place to place where you can take pictures of some of the most beautiful views of Abruzzo. From time to time we will guide you in finding the lovely picture , in choosing the best frame and the creative use of shooting parameters .

This season offers unique photographic opportunities : snow-capped mountains , villages veiled by the smoke from the chimneys , stormy skies .

Leaving the meeting point we will go to Cocullo and then in the territory of Ortona dei Marsi .

The first stop will be halfway up near the large abandoned quarry . Here, the landscape ranges from the nearby Cocullo down to Genzana Mount and Castrovalva village in sentinel of Sagittarius valley which is wedged between the mountains of Scanno .

We will resume the way to the Olmo di Bobbi tunnel where we will stop again: here the view extends from Genzana mountain up to Gran Sasso chain framing the Subequana Valley .

Passed the Olmo di Bobbi mountain pass we descend towards Ortona dei Marsi . This beautiful town is situated on a cone-shaped hill surmounted by the tower and the castle remains. In addition to the landscape, details will be searched using a telephoto lens : windows, roofs , hanging clothes , smoke from the chimneys , the castle .

We will enter into the Valle del Giovenco (Bullock Valley) which is one of the most picturesque ports of PNALM . We will pass through San Sebastiano and Bisegna towns again in search of views and landscapes in the high mountains of the National Park .

Arrived at the end of the ascent, more than 1300mt ., we will photograph the Valle del Giovenco with Bisegna village situated on a rock outcrop with, in the background, all the mountains chains that sandwich to that of the Gran Sasso. The view is breathtaking and to mitigate the mists effect we will learn the use of the polarizing filter.


Corno Grande, catena del Gran Sasso, Bisegna

Once we have got photos we quickly descend into Pescasseroli valley surrounded by mountains peaks ; passed through the PNALM capital we will route the Marsicana State Road along the valley enclosed between the Marsicano and Petroso mountains. We will have a stop penetrating briefly in Fondillo Valley to photograph the mountains that surround the valley which is wedged in the heart of the Park.

As soon as we enter in Barrea village we veer to reach Civitella Alfedena .

 The village is located on the eastern slopes of Sterpi d’Alto Mount, the dark shades of the thick woods contrast with the white of the stone houses . From Santa Lucia square is visible from one side the town and from the other side Barrea lake, with a little luck you can observe and photograph the wildlife wolves near the square .

We will then take down to the lake crossing the long bridge , from here we will take pictures of Marsicano Mount, who now wears the sunset colors, and Villetta Barrea town; southward we have the view of the lake where it reflects the village of Barrea .

Continuing along the road that runs along the lake we will stop on the shore where there is an interesting lake vegetation with giant willows .

Further on we will have other stops because they will be numerous ideas for beautiful images. Meanwhile, it will be the sunset time , then we will reach the upper part of the town to capture the warm tones of the sky at dusk and colorful reflections on the lake.

After this we will take the way back to end the tour .

Lago di arrea, Villetta Barrea

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The schedule will be adapted to the weather conditions.



- Morning and afternoon sessions of shots in all the area affected by the Tour/WS in a pre-selected range of the most interesting places for this time of year

- On location instructions and discussions on composition and technique

- Criticism and discussion of photos taken during the Tour/WS

- Lectures on composition, scene selection, technique, post-processing, etc.

- Knowledge and use of your own camera

- Optimization of the shooting parameters management

- Interpretation of the landscape

- Framing research

- Composition and light management



2 x Photographers

1 x ws Manager (he will assist participants and photographers in any demands)

In case of 5 participants the WS Manager will drive the minibus during the shooting.

In case of more partecipants the photographers will drive the additional minibuses or car (depending on the number of people).



There are no specific expectations for the skill level of the participants. You will likely have been interested in photography for some years and have acquired a digital SLR and a few lenses. However less experienced photographers are equally welcome. The teachers will adapt the Tour/WS at the level of each participant.

We welcome photographers with any type of camera.


On location conditions

We will send you info 1 week before the Tour/WS


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