Valley of Sagittarius and Scanno

Lago di Scanno, panorama

This is one of the most picturesque tour, full of cues and photographic genres to please any fan of photography.

The first impact with the narrow and troubled Valley of Sagittarius is upstream of Anversa degli Abruzzi, the village where the poet Gabriele D' Annunzio has set one of his masterpieces: “La fiaccola sotto il moggio” (The light under a bushel). After parked our transports in an open area we will walk for a few tens of meters along the narrow state road 479 to look out beyond the road protection wall.

The show is impressive, steep rock walls encircle the ancient village. The hill on which stands Anversa seems to block the narrow and deep ravine, the scene lends itself to being photographed with as many various focal lengths as many creative shots are possible.

After get our transprts we will drive up the valley along the winding road, other stops will be necessary to admire and photograph the village of Castrovalva, suspended high between rocks and sky to challenge the Eagles. When the scene opens we are located on the shore of San Domenico Lake (St. Dominic) with the bridge, which going over the clear and cold waters, leads to the small hermitage which was inhabited by St. Domenico who was revered by "serpari of Cocullo" (thosewho findand handle snakes during the feast).

The water colors are green, blue and all shades in between mixed hues. Following the state road, after a few kilometers the landscape turns into a backdrop of mountains that are reflected in the famous lake called Scanno lake. Looking to the east you can still see the huge landslide that was cut out from Genzana mountain and barred the river creating the lake. Can’t be missed photographs of the lovely church dedicated to Madonna del Lago (Our Lady of the Lake), which is reflected in the water. The next stop will be the destination of the day: Scanno, the Pearl of Abruzzo.

Spontaneous architecture, arches, stairs and mansions of the Renaissance or Baroque period, churches rich in paintings and statues, a town from with "oriental flavor" as the travelers of the nineteenth century told. The town's origins are lost in history and legend that tells of a settlement of an eastern population.

Legend perhaps supported by the peculiar processing of gold, traditional sweets and, above all, original and rich traditional costumes, still worn by older women, with a unique kindness, let themselves be photographed. Scanno, since the '50s has been one of the most photographed villages in Italy.

The beauty of the views, the friendliness of the people, the exotic air that you breathe has attracted great photographers, it is a must a "pilgrimage" to the plaque commemorating that here have also created masterpieces talents like Henri Cartier Bresson and Mario Giacomelli. We will drive back on the same road trying not to be influenced by the colors of sunset in order do not get to late at the hotel.

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- Morning and afternoon sessions of shots in all the area affected by the Tour/WS in a pre-selected range of the most interesting places for this time of year

- On location instructions and discussions on composition and technique

- Criticism and discussion of photos taken during the Tour/WS

- Lectures on composition, scene selection, technique, post-processing, etc.

- Knowledge and use of your own camera

- Optimization of the shooting parameters management

- Interpretation of the landscape

- Framing research

- Composition and light management



2 x Photographers

1 x ws Manager (he will assist participants and photographers in any demands)

In case of 5 participants the WS Manager will drive the minibus during the shooting.

In case of more partecipants the photographers will drive the additional minibuses or car (depending on the number of people).



There are no specific expectations for the skill level of the participants. You will likely have been interested in photography for some years and have acquired a digital SLR and a few lenses. However less experienced photographers are equally welcome. The teachers will adapt the Tour/WS at the level of each participant.

We welcome photographers with any type of camera.


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