Abruzzo - Greenest Region of Europe

Abruzzo, with its extraordinary diversity of nature and culture, has the potential to be one of the most popular tourist regions in Italy. 33% of the region is protected within three National Parks, one Regional Park and a host of nature reserves. Abruzzo has rightly earned the title of the “Greenest Region of Europe”. Immersed in this well-preserved environment, are a myriad of unique villages, rich in history, celebrating unique ethnic festivals and traditiions. Churches with art treasures, local artisans and delicious regional cuisine are ripe for discovery. There are few places like Abruzzo where you feel the sensation of being in a timeless dimension. Prehistory merges with the Middle Ages and the Reenaissance in a fairytale nature Abruzzo, in short, with few tourists, is made for travelers who love to discover the places of their dreams. Occasionally, relaxing on the megalithic walls, one can observe landscapes that have changed little in thousands of years. 

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