Tours and Workshops

Valle dell'Orfento

Between Nature and Spirituality


The workshop takes place in two of the most beautiful locations in the National Park of Maiella : the valley of the Holy Spirit with the rocky hermitage of San Bartolomeo in Legio and the Natural Reserve of the Orfento Valley during the late spring with the rich blooms. The variety of natural environments and the evidence of human presence offer many different photographic opportunities. Our mission is to guide you to find out the beautiful pictures and make the best shot ; clever and creative use of the camera equipment , the search for the right exposure . Participants are strongly encouraged to use a tripod to facilitate the attendance of the two more

Lupo appenninico

Middle Ages and Landascape of National Park of Abruzzo


A workshop / tour that will take us to the paths of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, among breathtaking scenery and views dizzy. We will guide you to see the beautiful photos and learn how to display the best shot. We will arrive at Lake Barrea waiting for the sunset. The next day we will take you in one of the oldest villages of Abruzzo, where you can still breathe the Middle Ages. Among glimpses arches and legends will talk about perspective and composition falling more

Rocca Calascio

Castles, Saints and snakes


In this four-day course will discuss ethnic reportage photography and reportage in the first two architectures in the remaining days. The first day will see the famous festival of the serpents in Cocullo; the second will follow the Gioia Company of which goes to pay homage to the Madonna della Libera celebrated in Pratola Peligna. On the third day we will go to visit the villages of Castel del Monte and Calascio with its fortress perched on the slopes of the Gran Sasso; the last day we'll climb down a short path to the hermitage of St. Celestine Onofrio hanging among the rocks of Mount more

Rocca Calascio

Castle, hermitage and nature

A three-day long tour will take us to visit castles, ancient villages and hermitages hidden. We conclude entering one of the most beautiful valleys of Abruzzo, Valle Orfento. We will visit the Roman village of Castelvecchio Calvisio and the fortress of Calscio famous because of numerous movie scene. We will enter into the valley of the Holy Spirit and we will go in search of the hermitage of St. Bartholomew, and set "hidden" in the rocky wall. Successivamene we come to visit one of the abbeys Celestinian, The hermitage of Santo Spirito a more

 Tour from the mountains to the sea


A tour of two days when we come to photograph in the eastern Majella. We'll go through the spectacular Valley of San Martino in search of the ephemeral Benedictine monastery, many times over the centuries covered by the disastrous floods of debris coming down from the top of the Maiella. Then followed by a hike in the village of Fara San Martino, waiting to bring us to photograph the sunset on the sea in the land of the overflow: Punta Aderci. The second day will be a dip in the Middle Ages Navelli to capture steps, arches, doors, alleys, spontaneous architecture more

Highlands, from Sirente to Campo Imperatore


Two-day in the highlands of Abruzzo. For the first day of photographs we will go to Pagliare Tione, an agro-pastoral village existing since 1400 to witness a peasant unique. The second day we're going to photograph the magnificent blooms that are followed in the spring at Campo Imperatore. The light is always evolving and plays with the hills almost completely devoid of trees. The shots will be the background the ubiquitous Big Horn, always surrounded by clouds evolving and that is reflected... read more



Navelli panorama

In Navelli's middle ages


I have traveled the State Road 17 perhaps hundreds of times and each time I have admired this cascade of beautiful houses in every season , so nice to feel satisfied my curiosity as a photographer only seeing from the outside. Then, one day , I decided to enter, and it was love at first sight: a well-preserved medieval town for the pride, I think, of the few people that populate more

Landscapes of the National Park of Abruzzo


This is one of the most beautiful tours in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise ( PNALM ) mountains that will route on provincial and state roads. The idea is to move from place to place where you can take pictures of some of the most beautiful views of Abruzzo. From time to time we will guide you in finding the lovely picture , in choosing the best frame and the creative use of shooting parameters.

This season offers unique photographic opportunities : snow-capped mountains , villages veiled by the smoke from the chimneys , stormy more

Colours of the Orfento Valley


Our set will be the Orfento valley, one of the most beautiful valleys that affect the Maiella.

The route will start near the Ranger Station. In possession of the necessary permission to go into the deep valley, we will walk the path of said " Scalelle " all downhill until we get to the clear waters of the Orfento creek. Proceeding down the valley we will have a series of spectacular shots in a breathtaking setting enriched by the colors of Autumn . The peculiar atmosphere supports a rich presence of rare plant species and valuable High rock walls which enclose the path and the waters flow noisy now on a bed of rocks , then between boulders and foaming rapids or more

San Bartolomeo in Legio and Abbey of Santo Spirito hermitages


The hermitage of San Bartolomeo in Legio is located on a wide ledge carved into one of the rock walls bordering the deep valley of Santo Spirito in the northern Maiella, near Roccamorice Village. There we will find ourself, unexpectedly, on the ledge where the her. The large terrace is protected by a wall full of votive graffiti or just remember the day spent on site; overlooking below you will discover the spectacular bed of a river, which has almost disappeared, entirely excavated in a rock more

Castelvecchio Calvisio and Rocca Calascio


On the southern slopes of the Gran Sasso chain, on a high hump that closes the underlying Tirino Valley,lies the ancient fortified town of Castelvecchio Calvisio. The small town is one of the most charming towns in the Abruzzo mountains for its urban structure that seems to follow the plan of a Roman "castrum".

The main road is intersected at right angles by cross characterized by steep outside stairs with steps that protrude from the walls as shelves. There are many photographic opportunities for those who like to portray spontaneous architecture, although the earthquake of April 6, 2009 has greatly damaged this valuable and unique example of architecture of Abruzzo.

Valley of Sagittarius and Scanno


This is one of the most picturesque tour, full of cues and photographic genres to please any fan of photography.

The first impact with the narrow and troubled Valley of Sagittarius is upstream of Anversa degli Abruzzi, the village where the poet Gabriele D' Annunzio has set one of his masterpieces: “La fiaccola sotto il moggio” (The light under a bushel). After parked our transports in an open area we will walk for a few tens of meters along the narrow state road 479 to look out beyond the road protection wall. The show is impressive, steep rock walls encircle the ancient more



Il workshop si terrà in Abruzzo nei pressi di Villavallelonga, nella splendida valle che si incunea fra le montagne ai margini del Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise.

Durante l'incontro si parlerà di ricerca e approccio al soggetto, composizione, parametri di esposizione, profondità di campo, uso del filtro polarizzatore, scelta e utilizzo delle varie focali e tutto quanto utile alla realizzazione di scatti creativi.