Between Nature and Spirituality

Valle dell'Orfento
Valle dell' Orfento

1° day: Our set will be the Orfento valley, one of the most beautiful valleys that affect the Maiella.

The route will start near the Ranger Station. In possession of the necessary permission to go into the deep valley, we will walk the path of said " Scalelle " all downhill until we get to the clear waters of the Orfento creek. Proceeding down the valley we will have a series of spectacular shots in a breathtaking setting enriched by the colors of Autumn . The peculiar atmosphere supports a rich presence of rare plant species and valuable High rock walls which enclose the path and the waters flow noisy now on a bed of rocks , then between boulders and foaming rapids or more

San Bartolomeo in Legio
Santo Spirito a Maiella

2° day:

The hermitage of San Bartolomeo in Legio is located on a wide ledge carved into one of the rock walls bordering the deep valley of Santo Spirito in the northern Maiella, near Roccamorice Village. After passing through the small village we will briefly follow the road that leads to the Maiella Mountain.

After parked, we will proceed for an easy path that gently slops down towards the valley. The view offer a lot of ideas for landscape photos: flowers, spikes rock, steep more

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Day 1: Meet in the afternoon to the hotel to check in and to know each other, after dinner we'll talk about camera equipment with reference to the camera menu for a greater knowledge of the settings . Our equipment is Canon , for those who use other brands would be appropriate that he had to follow the user manual of your camera.


Day 2: Leave hotel at 7:30. Our destination will still be the Maiella in one of its most beautiful valleys : the Orfento’s Valley. We will arrive quickly in Caramanico Terme near Forest Guard Station. Equipped with the necessary permission to get into the deep valley we will walk the path called " Scalelle " which is all downhill until you reach the clear waters of the Orfento river . Proceeding down the valley is a succession of spectacular shots in a breathtaking setting . The peculiar surroundings supports a rich presence of rare and valuable plant species. High rock walls enclose the path and the noisy waters flow now on a bed of rocks , then among rocks and foaming rapids or waterfalls . Here we will also discuss the use of shutter speeds for creative effects on the movement of water and also the use of a polarizing filter with this kind of photography. The trail leads to the two sides of the river by wooden bridges that cross it several times until the base of the Bridge of Caramanico , here a rapid climb of about 80 meters brings us to the nearby car park where we will get our transports to return to the hotel . After the usual break in your room and the dinner we will resume viewing of the shots for comments and evaluations .


Day 3: 8.00 leave hotel with our vehicles just after breakfast . The main location of the day will be the rocky hermitage of San Bartolomeo in Legio , close Roccamorice village. Along the way there will be short stops in interesting places to photograph. Few kilometers after the small village of Roccamorice , driving in an agro- pastoral landscape, we will proceed on foot along the short downhill path that stretches between patches of fragrant brooms. We will have several stops in order to photograph the abundant blooms and ridges which surround the spectacular deep valley of the Holy Spirit hermitage. It is nestled on a ledge and it offer numerous points of view and the topic will be on the creative use of different focal lengths and apertures . Then we will go back to the trail and in half an hour we will reach our transports by which we will be taking to the spectacular Celestine Abbey of the Santo Spirito and then to a village of huts pastoral stone ( tholos ) placed higher among the foothills of the Maiella.

By now it will be late afternoon and will take the way back to the hotel. Here , after a little rest in your rooms , you will have dinner. At the end of the day, after - dinner, you will view the shots of the day for critical comments followed by processing photos with Lightroom using a video projector .



In each course there will be lessons about :

- Knowledge and use of your own camera

- Optimization and creative use of the shooting parameters

- Interpretation of the landscape

- Search for the best composition of the shot

- Light management

- Critical reading of the photos and notions of post-production with Adobe Lightroom


The courses will be held by two experienced professional photographers and artists' Participants will be followed individually by both.

It is advisable to come with a good standard SLR camera and with optical ranging from wide-angle to telephoto lens if possible.

It could be better to have a stable tripod that , in addition to be useful for long exposures , it facilitates the study of the composition and the settings of the camera; for those who own Canon SLR will have the opportunity to use our optics .


We will hike the mountain trails which are not always easy , so we recommend wearing hiking boots, warm clothing and bring in the backpack a rain poncho and spare clothes .

During the trips we will have packed lunches. Dinners will be served at the hotel restaurant.


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