Medioevo e Natura

Barre e il suo lago

1° day:

This is one of the most beautiful tours in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise ( PNALM ) mountains that will route on provincial and state roads .

The idea is to move from place to place where you can take pictures of some of the most beautiful views of Abruzzo. From time to time we will guide you in finding the lovely picture , in choosing the best frame and the creative use of shooting parameters . This season offers unique photographic opportunities : snow-capped mountains , villages veiled by the smoke from the chimneys , stormy more

2° day:

Navelli , like a mantle made of houses that covers the hill, it is unexpected for those who follow the old cattle track, today the road SS17 .

Flocks and armies have passed through this plain over the centuries , hundreds of sheep brought to the winter pastures on the coast , leaving behind the freezing of Campo Imperatore , and legendary soldiers of fortune to conquer castles and cities .

This village of ancient vestina origin, has its roots in the history of L'Aquila in Abruzzo contributing to the foundation of L'Aquila. Intriguing are the stories , perhaps legends, that tell of crusade ships , lakes and more


Photo gallery


Friday, April 24th, 2014

You will have an afternoon hotel check-in then:

06:00 pm - Meeting with Photographers Luciano and Guido Paradisi and the WS Manager

The photographers will understand the level of knowledge of participants, we will talk about

the camera equipment and the optimal settings of the cameras

08:30 pm - Welcome typical dinner


Saturday, April 25th, 2014 – Workshop in the landscapes of the National Park of Abruzzo

07:30 am - Breakfast

08:00 am - Leave hotel

01:00 pm - Lunch time (typical packed lunch provided by the hotel)

07:00 pm - Return to hotel

08:00 pm - Typical dinner

09:30 pm - Lectures about composition, scene selection, technique, post processing, etc.

Critique and discussion sessions about the pictures taken during the Tour/WS.


Sunday, April 13th, 2014 – In Navelli's middle ages

07:00 am - Breakfast

07:30 am - Hotel check-out

08:00 am - Leave hotel

01:00 pm - Lunch time (typical packed lunch provided by the hotel)

04:00 pm - Return to hotel


*The schedule will be adapted to the weather conditions.



Morning and afternoon sessions of shots in all the area affected by the Tour/WS in a pre-selected range of the most interesting places for this time of year

On location instructions and discussions on composition and technique

Criticism and discussion of photos taken during the Tour/WS

Lectures on composition, scene selection, technique, post-processing, etc.

Knowledge and use of your own camera

Optimization of the shooting parameters management

Interpretation of the landscape

Framing research

Composition and light management



2 x Photographers

1 x ws Manager (he will assist participants and photographers in any demands)


In case of 5 participants the WS Manager will drive the minibus during the shooting.

In case of more partecipants the photographers will drive the additional minibuses or car (depending on the number of people)



There are no specific expectations for the skill level of the participants. You will likely have been interested in photography for some years and have acquired a digital SLR and a few lenses. However less experienced photographers are equally welcome. The teachers will adapt the Tour/WS at the level of each participant.

We welcome photographers with any type of camera.


Pricing, accommodation and transports

The cost* of the Tour/WS is 400,00 Euro which include 4 stars hotel accommodation with breakfasts, typical packed lunches and typical dinners (appetizer, first course, main course, side dish, dessert, mineral water, house wine and coffee). A double single use room for each participant. The price include transport from the hotel to Tour/WS itinerary and back to the hotel . It is not included airport transfer or similar (if you need it we can provide you with an extra cost). If you decide to come early before the Tour/WS or stay some more nights you will pay these extra days directly to the hotel.


Participants are not going to drive for the shooting.

It is planned that the 5min-17max participants will move on vehicles driven by WS Manager and 2 photographers / instructors. 

The hotel have conference facilities for class room sessions.

If you would like to bring your family or friends please indicate this in the registration e-mail and we will offer you an alternative tour package. They cannot participate in the Tour/WS activities. 

In case you decide to forego our proposal for board and lodging the cost becomes 160,00 € including transport.



Please book space on the Tour/WS or request further information please fill out the form to this address it or if you would like to ask additional questions about the workshop. If you are not able to join this Tour/WS or it is sold out, then please consult the Tour/WS calendar or contact us to plan your personal Tour/WS in any free day of our calendar. As the time of the Tour/WS approaches (1 week in advance) you will get updates on the detailed schedule and additional relevant information. You are welcome to divide the payment of the 320,00 Euro into a deposit of 160,00 Euro at sign-up and payment of 160,00 Euro by April 20st, 2014. If the Tour/WS needs to be cancelled a full refund will be paid. If you need to cancel the participation the 160,00 Euros will not be refunded unless a replacement is found. If you cancel after April 20st a refund is only paid if a replacement is found. All the figures shown in this paragraph are considered to be reduced by 50% in the event that you decide to forego our proposal for board and lodging.


The deposit and the balance should be by bank transfer to:

Guido Paradisi

Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Pratola Peligna conto corrente n° 3709,

IBAN: IT52J0874740710000000003709.


Personalised program

It is possible to book partial participation in the provided schedule by adhering to the activities of individual days. For information on how please send an email to specifying their requirements.


On location conditions

We will send you info 1 week before the Tour/WS


for information and reservations